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Okay I’ve said this a million times but I’m finally ready to give this blog up, who wants an old Janoskian fan account blog with 1.7k followers

+ a follow from Luke and Jai Brooks. No rules besides keep it a fandom blog, message me and I’ll choose someone! 

I always come on this blog just to see what the janoskian fandom is like now and end up getting really emotional and feel guilty that i left the boys who meant so much to me and practically saved my life and no matter how hard i try to forget how bad i was in march of 2012 when i started this blog and how happy i left, i just cant forget all the incredible memories i shared with these boys even though they had no idea i even existed so yeah if u see this luke bc your online and as cheesy as this sounds

i still luv you heaps dude xxxx

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Anonymous said: please post a photo of what you look like now. last time i saw a photo of you was at least 9 months ago, i wonder if you've changed :)

Aw your so cute ill post one now I guess

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harry should vine other things he does in the morning like:

  • rolling out of bed
  • eating cereal 
  • drinking his morning tea
  • showering
  • fixing his hair
  • louis


just if you were wondering… yes.. that’s harry styles’ ass.

In case you were wondering, that’s actually Beau Brooks’ ass :-)

aw my first post on this blog was almost a year ago when i came a janoskians fan and so much has changed since then

soz for being so emotional about all this but its crazy whats changed in a year and that those 5 boys who i blogged about a year ago and were my little secret are in america or the uk or wherever recording songs and stuff

its crazy

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my dash is dead so im just going to reblog my own stuff, yolo


oh wow remember when luke and jai reblogged this and my mum bought a cake for me 

g times

and then luke told me to tell my mum that he loves her and she was really happy 



this doesn’t feel like it was almost 8 months ago wow

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