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Anonymous said: OMG I want ur blog

fuck off caitlyn you are a piece of shit

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jais-peeniss said: HI can i please have ur blog?? and which one did u have sex with?? haha fanks :)
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hi lol first person to message me can have this blog jai and luke follow it haha lol msg me xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said: did you leave the janoskians fandom? x

hell yeah i did

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harry should vine other things he does in the morning like:

  • rolling out of bed
  • eating cereal 
  • drinking his morning tea
  • showering
  • fixing his hair
  • louis


just if you were wondering… yes.. that’s harry styles’ ass.

In case you were wondering, that’s actually Beau Brooks’ ass :-)

t h e m e